Clean Water, The New Standard


For this weeks blog we are talking about global epidemics. And for mine I would like to talk about the clean water situation in third world countries.  As for this post though I’m going to focus on the water problem in Africa. Recently I read the book, a long walk to water by Linda Sue Park. It follows a young african native after his village has been bombed in the civil wars in Africa.  As the story progresses you really start to realise the water problem in Africa and its effect on the country.


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As I was reading this book I really started to realise that clean water is a real luxury in these third world countries. While in America we take it for granted and we waste a lot of this clean drinkable water. And I as I finished the book up I wanted to find out more about this problem and what people are doing to solve it. After a good amount of searching I found are really good site called Planet Water. Planet water is and organisation that goes to third world countries that have water poverty.


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I think we also need to think about are water use as a civilisation, everywhere around the world. We need to make sure that there aren’t people that can’t get clean water because of of the price. Or that there is not a water organization that has come near their town so they can get clean water. Clean water should be a worldwide standard. So that there are not men, women and children dying of dehydration, or people having to drink dirty water that causes horrifying results to peoples body. Now as I’m wrapping this up I would like you to realise the problem that is happening all over the world, and I hope that you might be like me and want this problem to end.

One thought on “Clean Water, The New Standard

  1. Hi Tanner

    A very thoughtful post about how lucky we are (in Australia and America) to enjoy many comforts that others do not have access to. I too enjoy reading about other cultures and lifestyles, which often helps me to understand the hardships that many go through in their daily life.

    Well done on your blogging and best wishes for 2015.

    Mrs Swannell

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